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Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll
430km from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport
55 mins by Domestic Flight
112 Rooms
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Ayada Maldives is a brand new luxury resort located amidst a pristine reef within the southern rim of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the southern Maldives, 268 miles south of the capital Male. The island based resort occupies approximately 15 hectares of undisturbed and indigenous vegetation and offers uninterrupted views of the breath taking Maldivian landscape. Ayada Maldives is committed to providing all visitors an authentically luxurious journey of the very finest on offer in the Southern Maldives.
Nestled within the lush vegetation of the island, guests can avail themselves to a variety of dining experiences found in the seven restaurants; each offering a unique culinary experience, an extensive 3500 sqm AySpa & Health Club by ESPA, a renowned dive and watersports center managed by Dive Kingdom, Kids Club and tailor made experiences that will showcase the destination highlights of the Southern Maldives.
Given Ayada Maldives unique location within the central region of the reef, the island is surrounded by long stretches of white sandy beaches and a crystal clear shallow lagoon; an ideal setting to simply relish the uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean or to discover an myriad of exceptional and abundant marine life. Proximity to the southern tail of the reef makes this a perfect destination for diving and surfing enthusiasts who are keen to explore a unique and undisturbed seascape.
An unforgettable and indulgent journey of luxurious pampering awaits you at Ayada Maldives. Savor the infinite viewsof the spectacular sunsets,delight in the magnificent coral reef, unwind with rejuvenating spa treatments, revel in the long stretches of pristine beach, partake in authentic Maldivian experiences or simply relax with the impeccable personalized service by your Butler.



The main restaurant is located on eastern front of the island facing the ocean. Open for breakfast and dinner, this dining venue showcases extravagant buffets of international standards where the menu has been carefully crafted with an abundance of variety and flavor.
Diners can avail themselves to the breathtaking Maldivian sunrise whilst our culinary team takes you on a gastronomic journey with our live cooking stations and a selection of freshly baked bakery and pastry items. The open kitchen will wow diners with the dramatic culinary flair displayed by our chefs as you enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean and feel the light morning or evening breeze.
Magu allows for indoor seating in either the enclosed air-conditioned wings or the open pavilions.

With its Mediterranean ambience, this elegant yet casual bar is the ideal venue for an indulgent aperitif. Lounge and relax on the plush swing sofas whilst you listen to contemporary music or take in the sunset.

Fusing a unique Maldivian setting with the tantalizing décor and flavors of the Far East from India to Japan, this restaurant provides an authentic experience designed to titillate your senses. Indulge in the soothing ambience at the Far East heightened by the tranquility pool whilst you feast your senses on the extravagant sushi bar, the extensive wine cellar, the two specialized tandoori ovens, the teppanyaki wok and relish the culinary journey on offer.

Located amidst the ocean villas, this over the water venue, offers an extensive selection of quality wines and cheeses, an array of the finest chocolate from around the world and a humidor stocked with a variety of the finest cigars available. The Ile De Joie allows for a truly unique experience with exclusive offerings in an al fresco or indoor bar setting surrounded by the crystal clear water of the lagoon.
The Ile De Joie will also have on offer, luxury and specialty seafood items such a caviar, oysters and clams to name a few.

From the serenity and tranquility of the Maldives to the vibrancy of a café in Turkey, Ayada Maldives showcases the beauty and unique experience of sipping authentically brewed Turkish coffee and specialty teas with a wide array of traditional shisha at the Ottoman Lounge. The lounge is reminiscent of a traditional café in Turkey with the Ottoman style furnishings complete with intricate light fixtures and low seating.

Regarded as the entertainment hub of the resort, The Zero Degree transforms itself from the perfect relaxation area during the day to a lively venue for animated and interactive events in the evening. Whether it is to lounge by the infinity pool within the gazebo style seating whilst enjoying light refreshments or to dance the night away with the live music, the pool bar setting is the ideal location to appreciate the magnificent view over the expansive infinity pool or the glittering night sky.
The Zero Degree offers a light and refreshing menu served to you whilst you laze on the sun beds within the pool or the especially laid out tables in the pool. As the sun gradually sets over the Indian Ocean, the ambience of The Zero Degree changes accordingly, with the in house DJ inviting you to dance the night away or to partake in karaoke or simply to enjoy relaxing and soothing music whilst you delight in the special starry effect of the pool lit up by LED lights and sip a world class cocktail.


Ayada Maldives’ expansive AySpa has been exclusively designed to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Centrally located, AySpa is a 3500 sqm haven and forms an enclave within the island vegetation and other resort facilities. Using the natural surroundings as inspiration, the spa showcases terrazzo floors with marble and timber hues to reinforce an indigenous feel to complete your spa experience.
ESPA is the world’s leading total spa company building award-winning spas in five continents across the globe. Years of experience covering strategy, operational, conceptual and development elements of spas combined with an in-depth knowledge of differing cultures, products and treatments, have resulted in a Company which is well rounded and genuinely committed to inspired natural products, treatments and continual spa development.
On offer at AySpa are 8 spacious and tranquil treatment villas some with their own hydrotheraphy baths, a segregated steam and sauna area, a cold plunge pool, a warm vitality pool and offers Maldives’ first vichy room and private Turkish Hammam including an elaborate marble plinth that can be reserved for private use. An elegant boutique offering a wide variety of ESPA products.


Gaddhoo; An Artisan’s Island
The nearby inhabited island of Gaddhoo is renowned throughout the Maldives for the intricate reed mats, known as “Thundu Kunaa” woven by the local women. Ranging from the size of a table mat to the size of a single bed mattress, the mats are intricately woven on a wooden handloom. The reeds called “haa” are collected from the nearby island of Fioari and subsequently dried and stained with natural dyes. Our Leisure Concierge team will escort you to Gaddhoo where a local island guide will introduce you to the weavers and allow you to witness the mats being created. Following which, the local guide will walk you through the island of Gaddhoo and introduce you to the colourful personalities of the island where you can truly experience the untouched culture and enjoy a traditional lunch.

Sandbank Seclusion
Located less than ten minutes by speed boat from the resort lays a pristine sandbank surrounded by a crystal clear lagoon; an ideal haven for guests yearning for a magical experience in the Maldives.
Our culinary team will prepare a sumptuous picnic to your liking to enjoy during the day whilst you snorkel, swim or simply sunbathe in absolute isolation.

Be a Maldivian Fisherman
Tuna fishing in the Maldives is a unique tradition passed down through the generations and is unlike any other fishing methods found anywhere else in the world. Join local fisherman as we take you through this very unique art. Your catch will be prepared onboard and we invite you to sample the delectable fresh tuna soup that forms a staple part of a Maldivian’s diet.

Equator Crossing
Our close proximity to the equator allows for an once-in-a-lifetime experience for our guests. Cross this line and have the opportunity to swim across and be in two hemispheres at one time. Upon your return, we invite you to explore an uninhabited island or its magnificent coral reef.

One Island One Atoll: Fuvahmulah
The island of Fuvahmulah is the Maldives largest single island and in itself forms a single atoll. The island is about 4.5 km by 1.2 km with a submerged reef (Rashikedefaro) extending for about three km in a south east direction.
Little is known about the history of Fuvahmulah around the world, but in actual fact it is an island that is steeped in the rich history of the Maldives. All that remains are some landmarks of the historical past.
Our Leisure Concierge team and the local guides will take you through the historical ruins of the Buddhist era, the most important Islamic landmarks, and the natural wonders of the two large freshwater lakes or the natural phenomenon’s of one of the most unique beaches in the Maldives.

Private Champagne Cruise
A breathtaking Maldivian sunset, the gentle lapping of the waves, the possibility to see dolphins are the simple pleasures that you can enjoy on a private champagne cruise. We invite you to join our crew for a gentle jaunt around the island during sunset. Champagne and canapés to be served on board by a personal server that will accompany you.

Sunset Sailing
For guests who would like to experience sailing in the traditional sense, we invite you to embark upon a “dhoni” – a traditional Maldivian fishing boat. Your crew will introduce you to the sailing techniques whilst you are served champagne and canapés. Upon your arrival to the resort, your Butler or your GRA will escort you for a private and intimate dinner on the beach.

Moonlight Cruise
Luxury and serenity come together on our Moonlight Cruise, where we invite you to relax on the upper deck and enjoy the champagne and canapés on offer. With Ayada Maldives being far from artificial light sources, you will be able to enjoy magnificent constellations from both hemispheres on a gentle cruise.

Badminton Court
Our floodlit court is open from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please refer (21) on the resort map for directions to the badminton court or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for court bookings and equipment rental.

Fitness Pavilion
A fully equipped state of the art fitness center is available from 08.00 am – 08.00 pm at the Recreation Center. Manned by highly qualified trainers, this center offers a range of cardiovascular equipment, weight machines and free weights. The trainers are available for private consultations or private sessions.

A variety of fishing excursions including Big Game Fishing, Traditional Fishing and Long Line Fishing are on offer. Please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or your Butler or GRA for more information.

A mini artificial floodlit football ground widely regarded as the best available in the Maldives is available adjacent to the Recreation Center. The ground is open from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please refer (21) on the resort map for directions to the football ground or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for ground availability and equipment rental.

Games Hall
A games hall is available at the Recreation Center for your enjoyment and offers PS3, table tennis, billiards, table football and a variety of board games. Please refer (21) on the resort map for directions to the Recreation Center or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for more information.

Jogging Track
Three jogging tracks measuring 900m, 1200m and 1600m around the resort are available. Please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for more information or please review the resort map for the detailed outline of the tracks.

Complimentary snorkel and fins are available from the dive center for your use during your stay at Ayada Maldives. Please contact the dive center by pressing the “Below The Surface” button on your telephone or your Butler or GRA for more information on the best snorkeling spots around our island.

The lagoon is shallow and safe for swimming as there are no underlying ocean currents. We advise visitors who are not strong swimmers to make use of free life jackets available at the dive center and to stay in close proximity to the beach. Please take extreme care during bad weather and heed the flags indicating swimming restrictions. Please contact the dive center by pressing the “Below The Surface” button on your telephone or your Butler or GRA for more information. We advise all guests to contact the Medical Team in the event that you are cut by the coral as some may lead to infections or allergic reactions.

Tennis Court
Our floodlit tennis court is open from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please refer (21) on the resort map for directions to the tennis court or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for ground availability and equipment rental..

Our floodlit volleyball court is open from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please refer (21) on the resort map for directions to the volleyball court or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for court bookings and equipment rental.

Water Sports Centre
Please visit the water sports center at your leisure and our time will be able to gauge your experience and suggest activities based on your ability and interest. Should you possess any certification, please be kind enough to bring it with you.
The water sports center offers an office area and vast open space for the storage of all equipment.
Offering a range of thrilling activities from wind surfing, catamaran sailing to stand up paddling, the water sports center is open from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm and is supervised by trained and highly experienced professionals. Please call the water sports center by pressing the “Excitement On Water” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA for more information. Please refer (6) on the resort map for directions to the water sports center.

*Please note that all motorized water sports activities are chargeable.
*If you possess a certification for any water sports activities and do not require a staff member present, the activity is complimentary.

Traditional Big Game Fishing
For fishing enthusiasts we invite you to partake in an exhilarating experience with seasoned fisherman in this atoll. Joined by our crew and Leisure Concierge team on our dhoni, you will be taken to an ocean ridge which is shelved deeply into the depths of the Indian Ocean where you will be able to find some of the greatest concentrations of diverse sea life that is ideal for fishing.

Long Line Fishing
Long Line Fishing is considered to be art that has been passed down from generation to generation and is now a seasoned practice unlike the commercial fishing that has taken precedence here. Your expert Leisure Concierge guide will showcase this traditional art and assist you whilst you try your hand. Your catch will be brought back to the resort where our culinary team will prepare it to your liking.

Yoga Studio
An exhilarating schedule of Yoga/ Pilates and aerobics are on offer for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to cut back on their regimes whilst on vacation. An experienced instructor will allow you to schedule classes at your convenience and fitness level. Please refer (21) on the resort map for directions to the Fitness Pavilion or please contact the Leisure Concierge by pressing the “Things To Do” button on your telephone or contact your Butler or GRA.

Our dive center Dive Kingdom International on Ayada Maldives is located right next to the open-air reception and has its own jetty and a direct entrance to the lagoon, the training area and the boat landing. Even on your arrival, you won’t be able to miss us.
We are a PADI 5* Dive Center and train per PADI’s standardized system. This takes place both in an air-conditioned classroom, which is fully equipped with television/video and a white board, and in the calm lagoon directly in front of the dive center.
Because of the strong international appeal of the hotels, we offer our courses in 12 languages. Several of the top dive areas are just a few minutes away.

Snorkeling – A variety of snorkeling excursions are on offer at Ayada Maldives, each specifically designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of our coral reef or to reefs nearby that are abundant with unique and delightful marine life. Whether it is a guided snorkeling on our house reef either during the day or at night or a snorkeling trip to a nearby uninhabited island, or a lesson to learn the basics, the team at the water sports center will ensure that you explore a truly mesmerizing seascape.

Canoeing – Take a gentle tour of the island from the ocean on our ocean paddle boats either on a single or double canoe and enjoy the beauty of the sea with the glass bottom canoes.

Wind Surfing – The mild winds and the shallow lagoon provide for the perfect conditions for wind surfing. Our water sports instructor will be happy to provide a refresher course or to teach you on the finer points of windsurfing. Combining the basic elements of surfing and sailing, Ayada Maldives offers a variety of options for windsurfing with different boards and sails for experienced windsurfers with lessons and courses available for those wishing to try for the first time.

Stand Up Paddling – A relatively new entrant into the world of water sports, stand up paddling offers versatility unlike the more traditional form of surfing whereby you have the ability of catch more waves in set and a better view of incoming sets whilst benefitting from a strong core workout.

Catamaran Sailing – Set sail on your own or with a seasoned captain enjoy the rush of your first time on a catamaran. Visit a nearby island or simply bask in the delight of being in the open sea. These non-motorized sailing experiences are geared for a revitalizing and refreshing sailing experience either by day or by sunset.

Water Skiing – With the ideal weather conditions where there is not much wind and a clear lagoon makes it the perfect location for water skiing. For seasoned water skiers, we encourage you to try the mono ski or wakeboarding.

Wake Boarding – A combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, wake boarding is a surface water sport where the board is ridden over the ocean.

Knee Boarding – A relatively new entrant to the world of water sports and slightly milder in comparison to water skiing, knee boarding involves riders sitting on their heels on the board whilst hanging on to a tow rope secured to a moving speedboat.

The Fun Tube – It is a tube that is connected with a rope to a speedboat. Just give it a try and you will understand why it is called . . . FUN tube. With you sitting inside that tube, the boat slowly starts accelerating and you move just above the water at great speed. Great fun!

The Banana Ride – Sitting together with 5 people on the banana, the aim is to remain seated. As the speedboat increases speed and turns you will have to hold on to the banana and try to stay sitting on it. It’s an easy fun sport safely conducted with lifejackets.

* Please note that all motorized water sports activities are chargeable.
* If you possess a certification for any water sports activities and do not require a staff member present, the activity is complimentary.



Located on the idyllic stretches of the white sandy beaches, these beachfront villas offer peaceful relaxation either on the expansive private outdoor and plunge pool surrounded by lush vegetation with the beach situated a few steps away.


Poised over the lagoon, these over-the-water villas allows for idyllic contemplation whilst lounging on the ocean hammocks with the gentle lapping of the waves to soothe you. These spacious villas offer a private outdoor terrace, ocean hammocks, plunge pool, an uninterrupted view of the horizon and direct lagoon access.


Ideal for vacationing families, these interconnecting villas offer a larger separate individual bedroom yet common outdoor terrace areas with a Beach Villa. Positioned to capture infinite views of the ocean and sunrise, each suite offers a private outdoor terrace, plunge pool and direct beach access.


Offering views of the crystal clear lagoon, these spacious beachfront suites offer a large living area, spacious private outdoor terrace, plunge pool and garden area ideal for romantic private dinners with direct beach access.


Perched on the beach with the outdoor terrace over the water with the unique feature of entering from the beach and exiting from the ocean if desired, these suites offer a large area encompassing a living and bedroom area complete with a spacious outdoor terrace with plush swing sofas and plunge pool to further enhance the tranquil setting with direct lagoon access from the terrace.


Offering absolute luxury and serenity over the Indian Ocean, these over-the-water suites offer a master bedroom with private bathroom and a living area with a glass floor panel, an additional bathroom and pantry area, a huge sundeck with ocean hammocks and direct access to the lagoon and infinite views of the horizon.


With its distinct location on the edge of the jetty, this duplex split level presidential suite is considered an island enclave and offers spacious bedrooms on the ground and upper floors, a lavish living area and an upper floor terrace providing a 180 degrees view of the Indian Ocean and the horizon with absolute privacy.

All villas have:
*Private plunge pool
*Outdoor terrace with sun loungers, daybeds and an outdoor shower
*Indoor daybed
*Interactive 42″ flat screen LCD TV
*DVD / CD player with surround sound system
*Complimentary Wi-Fi access
*International Direct Dialing access
*Nespresso machine and tea making facilities
*Safe large enough to accommodate a laptop
*Individual air temperature controls
*Digital peephole viewer
*Indoor bath area featuring a large terrazzo tub and luxury bath amenities
*Housekeeping services twice a day

In addition:

Water Villas
* Over water hammocks
* Direct lagoon access from the outdoor terrace

Beach Villas
* Direct beach access from the outdoor terrace

Sunset Lagoon Suites
* Large swing sofa on the outdoor terrace

Sunset Ocean Suites
* Glass floor panel in the living area and two suites offer a glass panel in the bedroom
* Over water hammocks
* Private pantry
* Additional bathroom
* 32” LCD TV in the bath area facing the terrazzo tub

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